Diesel Fuel Storage Drums

Diesel Fuel Storage Drums

Diesel Treat Extremely Low Sulfur Winter gasoline additive is specifically formulated to provide ultra low sulfur diesel gasoline most chilly temperature protection in opposition to gasoline gelling, waxing and gasoline line freeze-up.

Diesel Treat 2000™ contains a extremely concentrated, multi-practical additive system to enhance gasoline economic system, injector cleanliness and gasoline stability and to optimize performance. Utilizing superior water dispersant and anti-wax settling brokers, Diesel Treat 2000™ supplies dependable moisture protection in chilly temperatures. This twin motion expertise eliminates potential icing and waxing points, which enhance the diesel gasoline’s chilly weather operability. Additional blended into Diesel Treat 2000™ is our proprietary lubricity additive, SynShield®, which prevents gasoline system put on and injector scoring for longer part life.

Diesel Treat 2000™ can be utilized in all types of diesel gasoline including low sulfur diesel gasoline and biodiesel blends.

Diesel Treat 2000™ meets cleanup and hold clear performance as shown by the Peugeot DW10 Injector Depositing Check all through your entire gasoline system. Diesel Treat 2000™ is registered and meets US EPA necessities for blending into low sulfur diesel fuels. Contains lower than 15PPM sulfur.


Performance Benefits

  • Protects in opposition to gasoline gelling, waxing and gasoline line freezing.
  • Improves gasoline’s cetane ranking 2 to four points.
  • Anti-put on protection all through gasoline system.
  • Eliminates black filter deposits.
  • Reduces emissions, exhaust smoke and particulates.
  • Restores and optimizes horsepower.
  • Easier chilly weather starting and faster warm up.
  • Protects gasoline system in opposition to rust and corrosion.
  • Improves fuels economy.


New from Sizzling Shot’s Secret – their Diesel Extreme Fuel Additive. This additive cleans and boosts diesel gasoline systems to return an engine to its authentic power. See more particulars below.

Official Release:

Engines lose power and gasoline economic system over time; Sizzling Shot’s Secret has the solution. Throughout the nation, diesel owners are turning to Sizzling Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme to revive a truck’s authentic power. With one dose, Diesel Extreme cleans out gasoline tanks, lines and injectors, removes moisture, boosts cetane, lubricates the gasoline pump and injectors, neutralizes acid and restores gasoline economic system and power back to the car’s authentic performance.

Diesel Extreme contains 4X more cetane booster than main rivals, in addition to a top tier lubricity additive and gasoline stabilizer to provide most performance whereas cleaning the gasoline system. Diesel Extreme can be a fully formulated concentrated cleaner that removes all types of Inside Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs), including waxy and polymeric deposits. The removal of IDIDs restores the injector’s gasoline spray sample to assist optimize the combustion process; leading to a complete gasoline burn and increased efficiency.

Diesel Extreme’s deep clear supplies six months of protection and advantages to maintain engines running strong. To keep up system cleanliness and performance between Diesel Extreme remedies, use Sizzling Shot’s Secrets Everyday Diesel Remedy (EDT) additive with every fill to the gasoline tank. EDT is a extremely concentrated cetane improver that tremendously improves power and performance in all diesel tools, will increase gasoline economic system and lowers upkeep costs.

Diesel Extreme is extraordinarily effective in diesel fuels for improving combustion and ignition efficiency, enhancing gasoline economic system and sustaining gasoline in a clear, stabilized condition. Trusted in the performance industry both on the highway and the drag strip, Diesel Extreme is the official gasoline additive of the NHRDA, and is safe in all diesel engines: semi-trucks, pick-up trucks, vehicles, farm tools and marine applications. These engines include, but aren't limited to, Ford Power Stroke, Cummins, GM Duramax, Saab, Caterpillar, International, Detroit, Volkswagen and Audi.


  • Restores a truck’s authentic power
  • Cleans out gasoline tanks, lines, and injectors
  • Lubricates the gasoline pump and injectors



  • To be used in treating frequent engine problems
  • Cleans and restores gasoline system parts like injectors
  • Treats smoky engines and reduces emissions
  • Improves engine performance and mpg
    Reduces load on the DPF
  • Cost effective multi dose bottle
  • Increases commerce revenue and profits
  • 500ml bottle with 100ml chamber for rapid, precise dosing
  • Concentrated method provides 5 doses for 50-75L tanks



  • To be used in treating frequent engine problems
  • Cleans and restores gasoline system parts like injectors
  • Treats smoky engines and reduces emissions
  • Improves engine performance and mpg
  • Reduces load on the DPF
  • Increases commerce revenue and profits
  • 200ml normal method single shot for 50-75L tanks for ease of use



  • Reduces particulate formation
  • Cleans the gasoline system
  • Reduces the load on your DPF
  • Stimulates and permits profitable regeneration
  • Single dose concentrate to deal with DPF points
  • 200ml single dose to deal with 50-75L tanks for ease of use



  • three Litre bottle
  • Cost effective mutli dose system - Capacity to fill up to eight gasoline filters
  • Premium diesel gasoline subsitute for priming diesel systems
  • Unique method advances ignition and protects the gasoline pump and metal parts, minimising injury during priming



  • 200ml bottle
  • Single dose, easy to apply
  • Custom designed method to scrub, de-water and lubricate the system
  • Offers with carbon and different small particles by holding them in suspension, and inhibits carbon formation
  • Prevents oil thickening
  • Quick to make use of, 2-5 minutes run time