Gravity Feed Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Gravity Feed Auxiliary Fuel Tank

While I used to be within the process of moving I managed to break the top off of my antique auxiliary gas tank that had served me smartly for over 20 years. After I went searching for a replacement some of the most sensible title brands have been relatively expensive beginning at $45.99 and going up. At the other excessive have been a number of smaller unknown logo ones from China or India with first rate prices but a few long transport occasions & unknown quality. As a compromise I settled in this one sold by Pit Posse for 39.99 It got here with a decent duration of hose & a just right high quality brass shutoff valve. Allow’s be honest here, all of these plastic auxiliary tanks price greater than what they are truly value but relatively speaking this one is a great deal coming from a U.S. primarily based company. The actual product remains to be made in China though. I’ve been the use of this one when you consider that June eighth 2018 and am more than pleased with it.


You might understand that within the image above that I have my vacuum gauges and auxiliary gas tank placing from an I.V. pole. For those who’re occupied with doing carb paintings on motorcycles & four wheelers you need to get your self an I.V. pole. It turns out that you'll be able to get one beautiful dang reasonable too, click here to look them beginning as low as $23 with free shipping. Well value every penny.

My sychronizer gauges in reality come from Honda and have been bought from the stock of a shop that went out of business. For those who don’t have a suite and are thinking of shopping for a few do your self a choose and get a suite vacuum gauges, not the mercury sticks. Of course if you have the cash it's essential opt for a Carbtune Pro setup. If my gauges ever quit that’s the one I plan to get.


This system is designed to pump the gas from the Brown Davis auxiliary gas tank into the vehicles usual gas tank. At the flick of a transfer, gas will fill up your vehicles usual tank, which in turn is then fed to the engine. An LED gauge is supplied to turn the motive force the gas level of the auxiliary gas tank in any respect times. While the auxiliary tank becomes empty an automatic alarm will sound to alert the motive force to switch the pump system off. This prevents the pump from ceaselessly working, fighting gas pump failure. All portions and hardware for installation are supplied.

The Brown Davis a hundred and twenty litre auxiliary long vary gas tank triples the Toyota Landcruiser forty Collection Short Wheel Base gas capacity and using range. The Brown Davis Auxiliary Independent Gasoline System is put in so at the flick of a transfer the motive force can independently feed the engine directly from the vehicles main tank or the Brown Davis auxiliary tank. This allows the operator to empty both tank to lightly distribute weight across the vehicle. (ie: empty the rear tank first for towing purposes.) This is the same system as used within the early Land Cruiser 79 collection unmarried cabs and one hundred collection with twin tanks. All portions and hardware for installation are supplied.